Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What does PAC mean? | PAG Automotive

Would you believe the mechanics of PAG do a better job of fixing cars and trucks than spelling?  C is close to G on the keyboard.  Peter sent an email to his car decal folk asking them to say join the PAG club only to hit the C and PAC was born:)

Would you believe Peter's Awesome Car club?  It would make sense for a mechanic to have a car club, just not an expensive or rare car club.  Problem is PAG repairs diesel and gas trucks.

 If Peter was to have a car club truck owners would feel left out.

How about Personally Assisted Client?  I know your first thought is a big "?" What is a personally assisted client?  I am a client and Peter was there personally assisting me with one those of those new fangled pod coffee machines.  I don't like the pod, I like my coffee out of a pot.  There are simply too many buttons on the pod machines.  Before I can think that hard I need my caffeine.  Still Peter helped me achieve the caffeine high so maybe that is what he means by personally assisted client?

Yes and no.  No personally assisted client isn't in reference to coffee.  Yes PAC stands for personally assisted client.  PAC club is Peter's way of saying at PAG Automotive you will know the person across the counter and they will know you.  It is a professional relationship developed over years of providing quality service performed with integrity and honesty.  There are no short cuts at PAG.  There is one way to repair vehicles, it is the right way and only way.  At PAG you will always know the cost of the repair before it is started.  Any question you might have will be answered.  You will never feel rushed into making a decision.  Honest work, done with integrity and compassion as repairing your vehicle is never friendly to your bank account.

For all your auto repair needs in Acheson, AB, google PAG Automotive.


Monday, 29 September 2014

PAG Automotive can even fix your reefer in a pinch

Besides doing web design and social media marketing, I make and deliver ice.  To keep the ice from becoming water and ice, I the iceman utilize a reefer which is just like turning the back box into a giant freezer.  The condenser unit on the truck reefer went the way of a dodo bird leaving us with the option of losing the truck for a day while thermo king fixed the issue or work with Peter.  He would order the parts needed from thermo king directly and then install when the truck was not needed. Apparently when you learn to fix diesel trucks you can generally figure out any diesel engine as was our reefer.  Peter fixed it and even though it still sounds like it has smokers cough, the ice is well ice which is what you want in the ice industry.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

I wonder if fixing diesel trucks is harder than setting up a facebook page.

Lets pretend you are a small Alberta Owned Business.  You don't have a billion dollars to spend on some fancy firm that employs engineers to make things work perfectly some of the time.  Instead you have to use a variety of free apps that promise to do something, you hope it is easy, until you end up having to google and dive into the code.  How dare they make me learn how to be a nerd.  I know nothing about fixing a diesel engine.  Only think that has stuck is you got to warm up the spark plugs and they are babies in the winter.  A lot of garages in and out of Acheson say hell no to fixing the one ton and lower diesel trucks.  PAG Automotive which I always spell wrong the first time isn't afraid of diesel trucks.  They don't usually do fix reefer units like we use at the ice shop, but Peter Carguy is a good neighbor and he does a good job.  When we got the reefer in Vancouver we had a mechanic look it over.  It was all good until I end up losing power twice on the way to Kelowna or Kamloops, I can't seem to remember that one.  I don't like BC right now because they don't like Alberta Oil.  The dealership we brought it to in one of those cities fixed it all up until it lost power a week after it got back.  It only started to work when we took it to Peter at PAG Automotive Services in Acheson they fixed the problem.

The point of this blog post is to create a item in an rss feed to see if I can use an app to tell people when Peter or whoever he asks to blog that there is a new blog post.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fixing cars and trucks in Acheson | PAG Automotive

Ha, you thought I was the mechanic.  Actually I am the guy trying to bring Peter this really nice mechanic who fixes our ice truck at Columbia Ice to the digital world.  Besides being an Iceman I am also a web guy and so I am helping Peter create a social cobweb.  This is a businesses brand across social networks.  When I couldn't get the brand I am using the PeterCarguy social brand.  When you think of Peter you either think car guy or truck guy and when I say truck I mean one ton or less.  I am not really sure what less means because I am web guy which is not a computer guy because I break computers, I don't fix them.  The reason for this blog post is because I want to see how this blog I am creating looks with text, pictures or video.  When I say blog I don't mean crap only you care about.  I mean something useful, interesting or funny to your target demographic.

Look at me I am beautiful... to my dogs.  The first lesson of social media is be a person and never, ever, ever be a talking logo.  Online too many companies hide like cowards behind logos.  Social means people.  The least social thing about a business is a logo.  

You can have a logo, if and only if there is a face on it.  Try to create a social persona around the people who make the business great.  I never like using boring real names because our online persona can never contain all that is a person.  At best who we try to be online is a caricature of the real.

Have fun with it.  Keep focused though on providing useful information.  In terms of being a car and truck mechanic in Acheson there is lots of easy stuff you can do to highlight your different services.  With an iphone, android smart phone using just a few apps it is extremely easy to make really cool media and share it across multiple social networks.  If you use proper keyword phrases this will help search engines know what keyword phrases to show your website up in search.  Search engines now listen to social networks to use in their ranking algorithm.